Instagrammer's guide to Copenhagen. Part 2.

This is the second part of my guide to Copenhagen (have a look at the previous post for more tips). I've realized that I have much more to share than just food :-)

Nyhavn is super touristy but you can't skip those pretty houses and boats!

Copenhagen is also a bike paradise. Especially addictive for fans of solo bike parking :-)

It's a really green city with lots of roses everywhere!

Magstraede is the oldest street in Copenhagen and it's extremely pretty too. Definitely one not to miss.

A few more architectural details that caught my eye.

The Little Mermaid is one of those touristy places that are not necessary to visit. If you have time it's a nice walk along the water, if not - there's not much to see. The statue is quite small and always crowded with tourists.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is not in the city centre but is worth the trip. Nice permanent collection of modern art + exhibitions. We were lucky to visit it during Yayoi Kusama's exhibition. 

Paludan Bogcafe - it's not only a cafe but also a bookshop. Lovely interior details + great brunch options. Located right next to the Round Tower so don't miss it.

Parterre is a cute little coffee shop in Christianshavn - perfect for lunch or just a cup of coffee.

Atelier September seems to be featured in all Copenhagen guides and it can be easily explained - central location, big windows and friendly staff. I found it a bit pricey but still nice for breakfast.

We've discovered Warpigs by chance. Located in an old slaughterhouse in the middle of the Copenhagen meatpacking district it serves the best authentic Texas barbecue and American-Danish style craft beer. Perfect for meat lovers.

Vi moedtes gennen ruden (google translate says it means 'we met through the window' - if anyone Danish is reading this - please leave a comment if it's correct! :-)). One more coffee shop for a quick lunch/breakfast/coffee. Located close to Superkilen park (see previous post).

Original coffee Illum - coffee shop with a terrace on the top of the department store Illum.

Last but not least - restaurant Hoest. It offers 3 course set menu but there are a few surprises in between. Modern Nordic cuisine + excellent service. Better to book in advance as it's really popular. It may sound like nothing special but I recommend to go for the experience.

Copenhagen is a city where I definitely want to come back! Hope you'll find my tips helpful when planning a trip.