Salt & Chocolate discoveries in Anglesey

This week I spent a day on the Isle of Anglesey in Wales learning about the process of making new Green & Black's thin dark sea salt chocolate bars.

We woke up early in the morning to go for a quick walk around the town of Beaumaris where we were staying. 

Beaumaris Castle

Beaumaris Castle

We've started our tour of Halen Mon, the Anglesey sea salt company looking at the pipe that brings the water from the sea. That water comes already naturally filtered by a mussel bed and a sandbank.

The salt water is then gently heated in a vacuum so it boils at low temperature.

Crystallisation tanks

Crystallisation tanks

When the crystals are formed, they are rinsed and harvested by hand.


After seeing the whole process of salt production, we moved to a chocolate workshop with Brandt Maybury, Green & Black's taste specialist.

Later in the afternoon we returned back to Beaumaris to visit a colurful Green & Black's van that is curently travelling around the country.

We finished with a chocolate and wine pairing session that really helped to enjoy the different flavours of the chocolate. Hope I will have a chance to go back to Anglesey to explore more!